“Massage Therapy is an Investment in Yourself”

780 King Street, Lower level, Bristol, CT 06010
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 Welcome to…
Bristol Massage Therapy Associates.  You are joining the many women and men 
who experience the restorative ability of this important addition to fitness and 
health care.  From general relaxation to recovery from injury or surgery, there 
are many reasons to include massage therapy in your life.  Our hope is that 
massage will become another element in your wellness routine that will enhance 
your energy level, give your body greater comfort and flexibility and, above all, 
allow you to feel wonderful.

About us…
We are graduates of local accredited schools for massage therapy and are 
licensed by the state of CT, members of professional organizations and are 
certified by the NCBMTB.  We have been educated in basic massage techniques 
and related subjects, such as anatomy, physiology and Kinesiology.  Continuing 
education requirements allow us to pursue special areas of interest and a wide 
range of styles.

Your Massage…
You will receive your massage in a comfortable, private room where you’ll slip 
between fresh linens and be covered with a blanket to keep your muscles warm 
and protect the modesty of both you and your therapist.  You may listen to 
music or enjoy the quiet.  You may talk or be silent.  The time is yours.  Your 
therapist wants this to be a positive experience for you and your feedback is 
essential in bringing that about.

Massage Techniques...

Swedish  - This classic European therapy combines long flowing strokes with 
kneading techniques to relax muscles and stimulate the flow of blood and lymph 
throughout the body, which promotes healing and the removal of toxins.  It 
helps in stretching the ligaments and tendons, stimulating the skin, and soothing 
the nervous system.

Deep Tissue – This technique focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.  
The intention is to release chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow, 
deep strokes and finger, thumb or elbow pressure on contracted areas or 
“trigger points”.  Since it is so specific, the client may feel sore during, or 
following, the session but will usually experience relief from tension and muscle 
pain in the days to follow.

Hot Stone Therapy – A one and a half hour session based on the Native 
American tradition of using warmed healing stones.  The therapist uses the 
penetrating heat of smooth basalt stones, combined with Swedish massage 
strokes, to release pain and tension from stubborn muscle knots and to soothe 
the nervous system.

Pregnancy Massage – Expectant mothers can enjoy the comfort of lying face 
down on our special “Body Support System” cushions without placing any 
pressure on the baby.  The focus is on positioning, and relieving stress in the 
weight-bearing joints, neck and back with gentle massage.  It is recommended 
after the first trimester.

Reflexology – This work focuses on applying pressure on all points of the foot 
which correspond to specific organs and regions of the body, releasing tension, 
increasing circulation and improving physical balance in the body.

A Massage for Cancer Patients
Massage therapy can be a powerful healing intervention for people with cancer and cancer histories.  Research shows that massage can reduce feelings of isolation, stress, and anxiety for individuals with cancer.  Therapeutic massage promotes relaxation and aids the body's healing process, particularly in post-surgical and radiation sites.  A specially trained therapist can be a partner in the recovery process.

Session Fees...
Half hour ($40), one hour ($65), hour and a half ($90), Hot Stone ($120), 
Pregnancy ($70).  We accept cash, check or credit card for payment.  Gift 
certificates are available.

Location:  At the corner of Rt. 6 and King Street, in the Family Eye Care office building.
Hours: Monday through Saturday.  Please call in advance to schedule your appointment.

     Katherine Weed, LMT - owner

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